DeepScores Downloads

Downloads for all the avialable DeepScores ressources. Please report any bugs or problems with the download to

Original Characterset

The original DeepScores features fixed-shape symbols only the complete list can be found in class_names.csv. These archives contain the full 300’000 pages, for most use cases the dense version is a better choice. DeepScores


DeepScores-dense is a subset of the whole DeepScores dataset containing only about 2000 pages but retaining the same amout of rare symbols as the full archive. (i.e. most files in the original DeepScores are very similar) DeepScores-dense


Archive of pre-segmented images to train an object classifier on DeepScores.

Extended Characterset

There is an updated version of DeepScores containing annotations for a larger number of symbols. A full list can be found here: class_names_extended.csv . Additionally there is information about the onset of symbols as well as the relative position of noteheads. For DeepScores extended only a dense version is avialable.

Harmonized with MUSCIMA++

coming soon…

DeepScores Examples

You can find some basic examples on how to use DeepScores here.