Deepscores Dataset


We present the DeepScores dataset with the goal of ad- vancing the state-of-the-art in small objects recognition, and by placing the question of object recognition in the context of scene understanding. DeepScores contains high

quality images of musical scores, partitioned into 300 0 000 sheets of written music that contain symbols of different shapes and sizes. With close to a hundred millions of small objects, this makes our dataset not only unique, but also the largest public dataset. DeepScores comes with ground truth for object classification, detection and semantic segmenta- tion. DeepScores thus poses a relevant challenge for com- puter vision in general, beyond the scope of optical music recognition (OMR) research. We present a detailed statis- tical analysis of the dataset, comparing it with other com- puter vision datasets like Caltech101/256, PASCAL VOC, SUN, SVHN, ImageNet, MS-COCO, smaller computer vi- sion datasets, as well as with other OMR datasets. Finally, we provide baseline performances for object classification and give pointers to future research based on this dataset.

Image displaying class examples


Written on December 7, 2017